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Your boss gave Bob his month's notice a month ago, but he KEEPS. COMING. BACK. To keep your workplace safe and efficient, you decide it’s best to throw Bob back out... the window. Manage your fatigue by shoving and kicking him into the various objects strewn about the office in this resistance-based side-scroller!



Programmer - Eric Lee, "Erleh"

Programmer - Justin Gonzalez, "Paper-Hat"

Artist - Match, "Mischievous Robo"

Artist - Jamie Custodio, "jimmyyjams"

Music and Sound Design - Daniel Kim, "DanKimAudio"

Assistant Programmer - Michael Zatlin Jr. "Mzatlin"

Install instructions

1. Download zip file,

(However, if using a program like 7zip, Download the .7z file )

2. Extract the folder held within

3. Run "Defenestration.exe" enjoy!


Defenestration.7z 12 MB
Defenestration.zip 17 MB
Defenestration! Mac Build.zip 19 MB
Defenestration! Linux Build.zip 20 MB


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can you give the source code ? ^^

We won't be giving the source code, sorry! xP

Is that Penniless Ragamuffin? I love her work! Awesome job!

Interesting  Idea. I had fun playing this game.

Thanks for the response notdylanchhin! hahahaha Glad you enjoyed the game!